Suffer for Good

The story of a man who knows
neither victory nor defeat.
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About the Film

Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios Company, has landed worldwide rights to “Suffer for Good”, and announced today that it will be released on all TVOD platforms in UHD on December 08, 2020.  “Suffer For Good” is a new feature documentary following Seb Zewdie, an aging boxer from Ethiopia, and his incredible journey back into the boxing ring after his Olympic dreams were cut short by the ‘84 Olympic boycott and a vicious near-death stabbing. After a chance encounter with CNN Hero Dr. Rick Hodes, Seb survived as a political refugee in the United States.   

33 years later we find Seb in LA, a pro boxing and UFC striking coach still haunted by that tough punch. Will Seb settle for living his dreams through his undefeated prized pupil? Or will he beat the odds and get back in the ring, ready to claim victory for himself? 

“Suffer For Good inspires and brings audiences together by inserting our view into Seb’s world. In that world, we are reminded that drive and determination are accessible to all of us and can be used to create a better life with what we have. This is a great sports film we are eager for audiences to watch,” Said Nick Royak, Gravitas Ventures Acquisitions Manager.

Danny Simmons makes his directorial debut with Suffer For Good.  Simmons states,  “Now more than ever, the world needs to hear inspiring stories of a resilient father figure who continues to find internal strength through love and faith. Seb proves that hard work conquers all as we journey with him back into the ring one last time.” 

Suffer for Good stars professional mixed martial artist and boxer Jared Papazian. He is a UFC veteran and professional boxer training out of Seb's Boxing in Culver City, Calif.

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