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Suffer for Good is an award-winning feature film documentary about boxing. Ethiopian boxer Seb Zewdie's Olympic dreams were knocked out when the Soviet Union and their allies boycotted the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. 33 years later Seb in LA, a pro-UFC and boxing coach dead set on reclaiming victory. Will Seb settle for living his dreams through his undefeated prized pupil? Or will he beat the odds and get back in the ring, ready to claim victory for himself?


Grand Jury Best Feature Documentary - Film Invasion Los AngelesMindfield International Film FestivalTwo Roads International Film Festival

Best Director: Mindfield International Film FestivalTwo Roads International Film Festival

Best first-time Filmmaker: Two Roads International Film Festival

Award of Merit: Documentary Feature - The Impact Doc Awards

Nominated for the Audience Award for Best Picture - Independent Filmmakers Showcase 


Independent Filmmakers Showcase - Los Angeles, Calif

Film Invasion Los Angeles - Los Angeles, Calif

Mindfield Film Festival - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Las Cruces International Film Festival - Las Cruces, New Mexico 

MY HERO International Film Festival - Los Angeles, Calif

The Impact Doc Awards - Los Angeles, Calif

Two Roads International Film Festival - Brooklyn, NYC

Soulwest Fest - Phoenix, AZ

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